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Our Story

When he was in High School, Kayode Owolabi decided to start making hand made 'Shamballa bracelets' for his friends. This was his first introduction to creating jewelry pieces.

Kayode was an all around guy in High School. He was in the basketball team, track team and dance team.

Kayode loved to make every custom piece unique and wanted to make sure everyone who wore his jewelry felt special when wearing this. Although he’s no longer with us, the mission of the brand has not changed. Every piece is designed in light of Kayode’s vision and the meaningfulness behind each of the pieces has only become more precise. Kayode Co has become a very popular commodity within the NYC and LA area. 

A long list of celebrities has been styled in KayodeCo Jewelry. For nearly a decade, KayodeCo has been giving our customers sentimental pieces that embrace creativity, self-expression, and Nigerian Culture. We hope you enjoy our website and collections!

Kayode Co recognizes quality and assures some of the best in demi-fine jewelry. As said by Kayode himself “based on creativity, love, and passion; expresses your way of living” Our pieces range from daily rotation pieces to standout pieces for stylish pop-outs.